Some of the benefits of Massage


Many of us know that massage can be very useful for a wide range of different ailments that we commonly suffer from these days and can also be a great alternative to conventional medicines in many ways. Some of the main benefits of this massage are:

Improved Sleep – Whichever massage that you choose to go for you will generally find that the process really does put you in a very relaxed state and allows you to completely switch off. This is a great way to de-stress and ultimately puts us in a much more calm state and can be very good to promote a better night’s sleep for people using it

Muscle Aches and Pains – We all get them and some more than others. More so for those that are older and massage can be a great way to manipulate and work the muscles to get rid of aches and pains and feel refreshed and invigorated

Stress and Tension – A good qualified masseuse will do wonders with getting rid of tension and stress in both body and mind. You will normally even feel this when your masseuse works on ‘knots’ in your body and you can even feel this be freed up and is a great way to relieve tension.

Pleasure – AS well as being a perfect way to relax it also a very pleasurable experience and there is no better feeling that being pampered for a lot of people and it is quite common for people to go for this type of therapy once or twice a week

At the tantric massage temple we have a variety of different masseuses who are available to help with all of the above but with a tantric spin on things! For more information please visit us at our website for a lot more information on what we have on offer to our clients

Good reasons to use a life coach

life coaching

Quite often in life we can all get ourselves in a bit of a rut in some way or another. The problem is with this though is that sometimes it can be very hard to get out of this without the support and advice of others. Some may even have a very supportive family but they either choose to ignore it or else they kind of get used it without realizing and then it just becomes the norm.

It always seems easier to look at other people’s lives and know where they are going wrong than it does for our own for a lot of people and this is one of the reasons that life coaches really can be very handy to start to make changes in one’s life for the positive.

Some of the things that they can help with are:

Finding a Partner – Sometimes it really is the case that the thing that is holding us back from meeting someone is ourselves. By changing the approach to dating can really be how we move forward. Various tips and advice from a life coach really can make all the difference here.

Weight Loss/health Issues – It is quite easy to slip into bad habits and then go on a gradual decline in terms of weight, smoking, drinking etc and many other bad habits. By getting this is in echeck at the right time or even just addressing the fact there is an issue and working towards fixing it can in some cases literally be a life saver.

Relationship Issues – Not doing enough things together, not communicating, not reading signals that your partner is trying to give you can all be big issues in a relationship. Whether you need to start taking her out for meals or perhaps just learn the art of erotic prostate & lingam massage together are all things that you might want to discuss with your coach

There are of course many other thins that your life coach can help with and this really does just skim the surface. In most cases everyone can benefit from such advice but for most people it really does boil down to a cost issue

Adding Some Spice!


When it comes to romance there really are so many different things that one can do to really enhance one’s relationship ad quite often this does involve one really starting to ‘think out of the box’ a little! Those that are able to to this do tend to have a much easier life for example than those have little or absolutely no creativity and imagination. In fact there are actually a fair number of relationships that break down purely because of this reason.

Whether it is not keeping up with the Jone’s i.e. “well my friend’s partner does x,y and z and you seem to do nothing!” or simply a case that your partner is a hopeless romantic and watches far too many romance movies or reads too many romance novels it really can be an awkward situation for some.

Some of the favourtes are:

A Dozen Roses – This is normally very well received by most women and can quite often get a guy of trouble in this department

Romantic Meal for Two – A nice candlelit dinner for you and your partner is almost certainly likely to push all the right buttons

Massage – Do you think your partner would like a sexy naturist massage session or perhaps something less erotic ? Sensual Massage Therapy usually does work for a lot of couples and can really help to bond couples more and defintiely something that is work a try to bring more spice and sensuality to a relationship

A Love Letter or Poem – Perhaps slightly corny and maybe more suited for the woman to give to the guy in most cases ?

Gift – Perhaps attaching a #50 note to a Ann Summers voucher with a note saying “Your Choice” will generally go down like a storm!

Candlelit Bath – When she arrives home you could always make the atmosphere very sensual with dim lighting and a candle lit bubble bath – another classic!

Whichever option that you decide is the best (and there are also tons more by the way) as long as you plan it well it can really help to make a difference to one’s relationship and quite often as much as she might want it, she could very well be to embarrassed to ask!

Signs to End a relationship


There are certain times in a relationship when we may well get a signal to make a break from our loved one. This can be for a number of reasons but there are some that should be real red flags such as some of the following as a quick guide:

Jealousy – Being in a relationship with someone that is overly jealous can be very wearing and perhaps something that can escalate as time goes on. If it really is not justified and constant then this may well be very difficult to live with

Controlling – Someone that wants to control you too much is generally someone to avoid. Whether this is verbal bullying or physical bullying, these arte guys that should be shown the exit quite swiftly

Resentment – There are some guys that will resent most of your accomplishments and this can also be a very negative factor in a relationship. This might be something like you get a promotion at work but he breaks it down to show that in fact it is really not so good – in general just too much negativity

Adultery – One of the worst is to be in a relationship with someone that has a roving eye and even worse takes this to the next level with other women. Whether they are seeing other women behind your back or even trying to learn the art of naturist massage down at the local massage parlour this is definitely probably the biggest red flag that you can have!

Lying – One of the other problems for some is those that are terrible liars and just simply cannot tell the truth about anything. Trust is of course one of the most important factors in any relationship and if you can’t trust anything that your other half says then it is surely a road to nowhere.